Testimonials & Reviews

Andrew M.
San Luis Obispo, CA

I’ve been eating at Kona’s since I first moved to SLO in 2003 to go to Cal Poly.
As a freshman it was a biweekly stop for me and my roommate.
Our favorite was splitting a footlong destroyer with extra meat!
Plenty of food for two college students.
Now that I’ve graduated I’m doing a lot of business on the Central Coast and
the out door seating has been very nice as a quite lunchtime meeting place.
Favorite bread is a draw between the dutch crunch and the ciabatta.
Favorite sando is the destroyer.

Danica B.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Kona’s Deli is a great spot with exceptional sandwiches. The staff is always kind and personable and the atmosphere is fun! I have never tried a sandwich there that I did not like and their salads are delicious. My favorite lunch spot in SLO!

John A.
San Luis Obispo, CA

A really, really good deli. I know there are a ton in SLO but I like the location of this one. The parking lot is not the best but can’t blame Kona for that. I just recently started coming here and wonder why I didn’t come here more often in the early years of college. It’s got a cool, relaxed theme here. I never stay to eat but I am very happy with the sizes of the subs. Pretty darn huge.

I have always been happy with the amount and quality of food to the price. Very clean, friendly staff, and delicious ingredients. I prefer to call have my subs for dinner/late afternoon. So instead of showing up last minute to order, I call ahead and they make it so I can just be in and out. Just a courtesy thing I think they appreciate. They have a military discount as well

Eric J.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Love the surf atmosphere and the amazing sandwiches.  SLO has so many good sandwich shops and they are all unique and delicious in their own way.  Kona’s has really good sweet white bread and their sandwiches are really big.  Super good fresh avocado and turkey too!