Kona’s @ Poly!

Kona's @ Poly

Kona’s @ Poly!

Kona's is located close to Cal Poly but sometimes it is not close enough! During class you don't have time to take your car, maybe lose you park spot, drive here and take a sandwich.

That why we thought to Kona's @ Poly!

We will deliver FOR FREE EVERY DAY at 1PM in front of Kennedy Library @ Cal Poly; you can see us! we have the Kona's Car and a little stand near by the entrance on University Dr. EVERY DAY at 1pm !!! Remember it! :-)

You need just to call us or email, tell your name and what you want!

You can pay at the phone by Credit or Cash or Credit at the delivery.

To make everything faster just be sure to check our menu before to order, you can find it on our website, Facebook or PocketMenu!


Here what you have to do!:

  1. Check our menu

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