SLO days: the best of

Here’s the fuss: we’ve been SLO-ian for 29 years and we know our town as much as we love it. To prove that, here is a little present for ya’ll.

We want to take you to our favourite spots in the city and tell what we would not miss if we were to live a day in SLO as a proper local.

Where it all started

We are proud of our roots and we want to give them credits by starting our day at the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, the oldest building in town, dating back to the 1790s. The flower-filled garden and its well is the perfect location to start you day with a coffee and some IG’s worth pictures of the fountains while enjoying the peace of the morning.

A gummy Alley

The grossest yet most talked-about, ever-changing landmark in town. There are only other two places like that in the US (one is in Seattle and the other one in Greenville Ohio), as far as we know, and they are not even comparable to our alley. Between 733 and 734 Higuera Street downtown, sometimes we like a stroll over there to contribute in the town history by sticking our own gum on there. We are not sure why it started, but since the 1950s the alley has been an impressive symbol of strengths. The 65 feet long and 15 feet high has been cleaned in the 70s, but it came back and been there ever since.

Turn the music on

There are many more things we love in Downtown SLO (like the historic Freemont Theatre, the Granada Hotel and Bistro and Barns and Nobles) but we are here to make you discover places off the track, therefore, we think Boo Boo Record’s wins our mention of honor. Having been running for forty years, this Record shop is as eclectic as it could be. We love to browse their most recent quality surprises and jumping back in time by spending some time there.

Finally, Lunch Time at Kona’s Deli

If you followed our tips, your morning has already been pretty intense, and Kona’s is here to reinvigorate you with its mouth-watering sandos and deals. All our sandwiches are made with local genuine ingredients and from scratch, reason for which you can personalize your panini as you please. Our friendly crew is there to listen to your requests and give you tips on our most popular combinations. Make sure you check out our daily deal and our merchandise; if you are challenge lover, try out our Kona’s Deli Challenge 2.0. Up for grabs, the two-foot destroyer and unlimited soda, plus your picture being featured on our wall and your forever recognition of the winner of one of the most difficult endeavours you will ever encounter in your life 😊

A Graveyard for Buildings

Now that you are as good as new after your Kona’s sando, we’ll show you how proud we are of our CalPoly students. Relax, we will not take you to some incomprehensible lectures. Our proposal is to head up the CalPoly hills to see some abandoned unconventional structures: the so called ‘architectural graveyard’. These experimental buildings were made by students of CalPoly over the last several decades. The fact that the collection has now fallen in a bit of disrepair makes even more picturesque. Park on campus near Poly Canyon Road, walk for about a mile on the track and then you’ll find the stone arch to your left.

Creepy Curios at call

You might have passed next to it without knowing what it was, but we decided to include it in our ‘best of’ as it is arguably one of the weirdest things in town. The Dorn Pyramid is a mysterious Masonic tomb erected by Fred Adolphus Dorn, a wealthy layer, in 1905, who lost his wife and son during childbirth. The pyramid was erected in their honor and what makes it very on spot for Halloween nights are the words “DISTVRB NOT THE SLEEP OF DEATH” on top of it.

End your day under the stars

If it’s a Thursday, you can head back to downtown at the local farmer’s market and enjoy good vibes and good food, but if it’s not, here is the back up plan. Grab some dinner (we know a cool place, it’s called Kona’s Deli and you can even grab a healthy light salad if you had enough of the Destroyer – we bet you didn’t- at lunch) and your car and head to the retro Sunset Drive-In theatre. Dating back to the 50s, it is one of its kind and it showcases recent movies as well as older ones.

AAAnd that was it.. Choosing our best picks was not an easy choice, but if you like, we can give you more suggestions on what to do as an expert SLO resident in the future.

Let us know what you think, like, comment, share it with friends and above all, VISIT US at 977 E. Foothill Blvd, Suite 108, Mon-Sun, 10:30am – 7pm. (Summer Hours 10:30am – 3:30pm)

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